Water Damage is not My Problem

Water Damage Repair

I have been very lucky in my past. I came home once and had a very bad leak in my roof. That leak made miss an awesome night of jiu-jitsu. We had a guest that night. A coral belt was in town. That is a 7th-degree black belt for those of you who did not know. There are not a lot of them around. Anyways. I got in from work that afternoon with water all in my house. It was just in one area, though. So that helped things.

I called a roofing company immediately. I was now worried about the water damage. I have no idea about it but I knew it is not good to have in your home. That same afternoon I had a water damage repair company come out and look at the house. He actually gave me some pretty good news. He said that I was lucky that the leak in the roof was in one single area. He said I had less water damage because of it and it made it easier to repair for them. He said it could have been a lot worse and I should count my blessings. They only had to repair that little bit in the kitchen.

Having a Good Real Estate Company on you Side

Having a Good Real Estate Company on you Side

I am a single parent. My wife left me out the blue. No note. Nothing. She left one day while I was at work and the boy was at school. That was 4 years ago and it still hurts. I have no idea why she left. I do not know where she is at still to this day. She left behind some of her stuff but not a lot. It really had me down and out. It hurt me so bad that I had to get out of the house that we bought together. Everything in there reminded me of her. I still miss her and love. I just hope that she is ok.

It had been so long since I been on the market to buy a home. I had to ask Charlie where to go for help. He told me about a real estate company. He said that this real estate company was amazing. He had done a lot of work on houses they were selling. So I gave them a call. They set me up with an awesome real estate agent. He had me looking at dreams homes. They all were perfect for me and the kid. He had us in a new house in no time. Plus he sold my old house for me too!

The Best Plumber to the Rescue

Who is the Best Plumber you Know

It is always good to have friends. It is even better when your friends know how to fix things. That is something that I am not very good at doing. I am just not a handyman. I wish was a handyman. I just was never taught how to fix things when I was growing up. My father was educated and he loved sports. So naturally I grew up very similar to him but much better looking.

This past spring I was taking a hot shower. It had been a long day at work and the gym. I have been known to take very long showers. A hot shower is one of my favorite things to do. It is very relaxing and it feels good to tired bodies. That was all I could think about when I was driving home. I could not get in the shower fast enough. I have one of those shower heads that is really big in diameter. So it is like you are standing outside when it is raining. I love it! That night the shower head was acting crazy. I had no idea what do to. So I took a hot bath instead. I called Charlie up that next morning. He is the best plumbing contractor in the area. It is sad that I do not know how to put up a shower head. Charlie just laughed and it took him 5 minutes to do it.


Roofing Company Please let me Go to BJJ Class

Roofing Company Please let me Go to BJJ Class

I know a lot of people who do not like rainy days. Well, I am not one of those people. I love rainy days. They just make me feel so relaxed. I know people say it makes them feel lazy but I do not feel lazy. I feel relaxed and ready to do something. It was your normal Monday except it was pouring down rain. It had been the whole day. I was able to get everything finished at work that I needed to. So that meant I could skip out a little early. Which was perfect because Monday nights are the best nights to train.

I pulled in my garage like I always do when I get home. My son had not made it home from practice yet. I was hoping he was home. I was hungry and I knew if he was home he would have started cooking. Well, he was not home so no big deal. I walked in the kitchen and there was a huge mess. The ceiling had fallen in. I knew then I had to call a roofing company immediately. The roofing company I called said that they had been very busy from all the rain. They were able to come out and fix up my roof the next day. Thank goodness it did not rain all night! This was an easy roof repair.