My Passion for the Arts and What I Plan to Do About It

Some practical people, who only care about earning money and living the safe life, do not like it when someone they know gives too much attention and focus in the arts. They think that being artsy fancy can be a very interesting and fulfilling hobby, but it should not be something that someone should pursue as a career or as a business, because there is not much promise in it. They think that their lives filled with routine and predictable moments are safer and the practical and sensible road to take.

But, just like the poem, I like to travel the road less traveled. I also happen to love the arts very much. This is the reason why I plan to open an Art museum soon, in the heart of my hometown.

Calhoun County is a place where there are very plenty practical people. I am not saying nobody here appreciates art, I am only saying that not all people are courageous enough to spend an entire life’s savings on a business relating to art because it is not something wise.

While it may be true that it is not wise, it is, however, a passionate business. People need passion to be able to understand the arts, and it is passion that I will serve this people so that they will be encouraged to visit the museum I plan to build.

Firstly though, I have to take care of the museum infrastructure. I have the design ready for construction, and I made sure that the art museum looks modern yet artistic. I specially had it designed with a flat roof, that is why I had to hire MyWebpal to get that part of the job done. While they started out as a water damage repair company, their expertise has expanded to roofing. They are the best when it comes to flat roof and other roof repair jobs and they also do all sort of roofing projects, including roof design and construction.

It seems that flat roofs are very hard to pull off because of its unique design yet I wanted it for my museum because it is something that describes art. It is simple and complicated at the same time, just like art. Simple in thought and form but is complicated because of its depth and meaning.

I want only the best in creating my museum because my entire future depends on the success of this venture. That is why I am hiring MyWebpal – Birmingham Roofing to get the roofing job done because the details of my flat roof will be the attraction of the entire museum for people to be enticed to enter the building and see just how passionate my art collection is.

After the construction of the museum and when the business is in full-swing, I will always have the contact details of MyWebpal, and even of its branch in Atlanta, MyWebpal Atlanta, because I will need to have them keep my roof checked and maintained so that it will never go out of style and value.

My life is now beginning to move forward through my art museum. I am out here to prove that venturing into the arts as a business may be a risky idea, but it is a risk that promises great fruits when time comes for harvesting to start.

The Art of Plumbing

More and more artists of the new generation are becoming aggressive in their pursuits to making something that is unique and new for the public and for all art lovers. Trying to be new in this field is something that most artist target and this is the very reason for the invention of newer forms or genres of art, which are pop-culture and contemporary art.

The modernism of art has its own ups and downs. Some classical artist would say that this forms of art has become ways and means for the less artistic to participate in a skill that they are never really good at, to begin with. They think that these younger artist are trying so hard that they have compelled to change the world of the Arts for them, instead of contributing to the traditional forms of art.

Some however, think that these new genres of art are very effective means to symbolize what has become of the world, at present. They accept the changes as something necessary and inevitable in order for art to survive the present era. After all, the things in the past are still treasured; only, they are enhanced in a way that the current generation could appreciate. Besides, it is the current generation that art caters to, now, not the dead people of the past.

Marco, a friend in Calhoun County, is into arts. He recently had his collection auctioned in an art exhibit and at such a young age, he was able to create pieces that had social significance, as well as artistic value.

His artworks fall under the modern contemporary genre, and his worked focused on the misconception on how menial people think of some jobs. His artworks revolved around plumbing, or plumbers. He wishes to debunk the notion of it being “unimportant.” He wants to give significance to the seemingly insignificant, and he chose plumbing because it seems to be one of the many neglected jobs by people, because they think that plumbing has no score in the world of professionalism.

He went to one of the top plumbing service provider in the area, and interviewed plumbers regarding their take on their jobs. They shared that just like any other job, they require expertise and professionalism in order to function well. They also told Marco that while people think plumbing repair is something that could be done on their own, there is actually more to it than just twisting knobs and pipes. There is Science behind it, and there are ways to expand the effectiveness of a plumbing system, that they are able to study and perfect, through the years in the business. They even added that their plumbing services, may it be residential or commercial plumbing, would not have been liked by their customers if their work is only as basic as some people claim it to be.

Marco’s intentions in highlighting plumbing through art is for people to see that there is beauty and greatness in all forms of things, and this includes even plumbing.


Water Damage is not My Problem

Water Damage Repair

I have been very lucky in my past. I came home once and had a very bad leak in my roof. That leak made miss an awesome night of jiu-jitsu. We had a guest that night. A coral belt was in town. That is a 7th-degree black belt for those of you who did not know. There are not a lot of them around. Anyways. I got in from work that afternoon with water all in my house. It was just in one area, though. So that helped things.

I called a roofing company immediately. I was now worried about the water damage. I have no idea about it but I knew it is not good to have in your home. That same afternoon I had a water damage repair company come out and look at the house. He actually gave me some pretty good news. He said that I was lucky that the leak in the roof was in one single area. He said I had less water damage because of it and it made it easier to repair for them. He said it could have been a lot worse and I should count my blessings. They only had to repair that little bit in the kitchen.

Having a Good Real Estate Company on you Side

Having a Good Real Estate Company on you Side

I am a single parent. My wife left me out the blue. No note. Nothing. She left one day while I was at work and the boy was at school. That was 4 years ago and it still hurts. I have no idea why she left. I do not know where she is at still to this day. She left behind some of her stuff but not a lot. It really had me down and out. It hurt me so bad that I had to get out of the house that we bought together. Everything in there reminded me of her. I still miss her and love. I just hope that she is ok.

It had been so long since I been on the market to buy a home. I had to ask Charlie where to go for help. He told me about a real estate company. He said that this real estate company was amazing. He had done a lot of work on houses they were selling. So I gave them a call. They set me up with an awesome real estate agent. He had me looking at dreams homes. They all were perfect for me and the kid. He had us in a new house in no time. Plus he sold my old house for me too!

The Best Plumber to the Rescue

Who is the Best Plumber you Know

It is always good to have friends. It is even better when your friends know how to fix things. That is something that I am not very good at doing. I am just not a handyman. I wish was a handyman. I just was never taught how to fix things when I was growing up. My father was educated and he loved sports. So naturally I grew up very similar to him but much better looking.

This past spring I was taking a hot shower. It had been a long day at work and the gym. I have been known to take very long showers. A hot shower is one of my favorite things to do. It is very relaxing and it feels good to tired bodies. That was all I could think about when I was driving home. I could not get in the shower fast enough. I have one of those shower heads that is really big in diameter. So it is like you are standing outside when it is raining. I love it! That night the shower head was acting crazy. I had no idea what do to. So I took a hot bath instead. I called Charlie up that next morning. He is the best plumbing contractor in the area. It is sad that I do not know how to put up a shower head. Charlie just laughed and it took him 5 minutes to do it.


Roofing Company Please let me Go to BJJ Class

Roofing Company Please let me Go to BJJ Class

I know a lot of people who do not like rainy days. Well, I am not one of those people. I love rainy days. They just make me feel so relaxed. I know people say it makes them feel lazy but I do not feel lazy. I feel relaxed and ready to do something. It was your normal Monday except it was pouring down rain. It had been the whole day. I was able to get everything finished at work that I needed to. So that meant I could skip out a little early. Which was perfect because Monday nights are the best nights to train.

I pulled in my garage like I always do when I get home. My son had not made it home from practice yet. I was hoping he was home. I was hungry and I knew if he was home he would have started cooking. Well, he was not home so no big deal. I walked in the kitchen and there was a huge mess. The ceiling had fallen in. I knew then I had to call a roofing company immediately. The roofing company I called said that they had been very busy from all the rain. They were able to come out and fix up my roof the next day. Thank goodness it did not rain all night! This was an easy roof repair.